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The Secret Life of Scientists

Marymount Honors Students



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When ‘b-roll’ becomes ‘a-roll’…

Create a montage sequence with the subject, location, and/or theme as discussed in class. You’ll submit your topic for approval, accompanied by a written proposal stating your purpose and approach to the subject.

A montage in the series of non-continuous shots that when added together form the sequence, which conveys the impression. Your production will be nonlinear in terms of the storyline. The montage will be a separate entity, which should be able to stand by itself.

Shots should relate through visual design: color, shot framing and angles, composition, patterns of light and shade, time, and motion.

Your proposal will not require a storyboard or preliminary edit script, but rather a list of the type of shots you hope to secure. It is strongly advised that your group scout out the location for pre-production purposes to assist you in the proposal.

Goals to keep in mind when planing, shooting, and editing:

1. The purpose of your footage is clear and focused.

2. The (film) location has an exciting hook.

3. Footage has powerful visuals that keeps the viewer glued.

4. The characters are compelling.

5. The audience feels involved

6. The entertainment value is striking.

7. Footage feels fresh, innovative and new…


PSA: Eco-Comedy Video

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Short, funny video for YouTube which communicates a clear message that strongly motivates a specific behavior change (for example, driving a fuel efficient car, turning down thermostats, or donating to a conservation cause).
  • Be humorous!
  • Address a critical environmental issue
  • Be an original production
  • Reach a broad audience beyond just environmentalists
  • Be less than three (3) minutes
Examples from previous years:

Instructional Video Examples

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Instructional and demonstration videos are everywhere on the internet. Here are a few examples:

Yoga Today

In the context of their website:

Yoga Today features a number of instructional videos on their blog, podcasts, and YouTube channel. These short, free instructional videos market their full length videos which they sell on their website. Since establishing a relationship between the yoga instructors and the viewer in their goal, they use an on camera narrator technique.


In the context of their website:

Howcast is one of several websites dedicated solely to providing instructional videos. Howcast videos are often produced by emerging filmmakers and emphasize creativity. The business model relies on selling advertising to generate profit. Instructional videos on these sites are often likely to use an off-camera narrator since the emphasis and value is more focused on the content and style of the film, not in establishing a long-term relationship with the viewer.


In the context of their website:

Blendtec uses a series of demonstration videos for online viral marketing. Available on their website and YouTube the free demonstration videos are humorous infomercials for their blender products. The company president is their on camera narrator and part of their branding.

Share other examples!

Please add links to more examples in the comments. Look for videos that are 1-4 minutes in length and include at least 5 camera angle changes, including establishing shots and close-ups.